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This is an initial release and needs testing. Will issue frequent updates to this release
please report any bugs you will find

Project Description
Office(Word,Excel,Outlook) and windows explorer(not available yet) addin to upload documents to sharepoint document library.
Outllook selected items(including attachments) can be uploaded
Configure to point to your sharepoint document library where you want to upload emails,attachments and office documents.
<add key="UserName" value="username"/> <!-- leave blank to use default credentials -->
<add key="Password" value="password"/> <!-- leave blank to use default credentials -->
<add key="DocumentLibrary" value="Shared Documents"/> <!-- change to your document library -->
<add key="SharepointSiteUrl" value="http://sapdss:1000"/> <!-- change to your sharepoint site address -->

Document library for above screen was
sharepoint document library.bmp

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